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Mental Health Week in Valence, France : Documentary “Vivre en Ville” by Cécile Philippin

Vivre en ville

Dear readers,

Yesterday, I went to one of the first events of the Mental Health Week in my current city, Valence.

It was a projection of a documentary called “Vivre en Ville” (Living in the City) by Cécile Philippin, who also directed another documentary titled “Les Voix de ma soeur” (My Sister’s Voices), which was about her sister and how she dealt with mental illness.
The documentary “Vivre en Ville” was mostly about the different possibilities for people struggling wth mental illness to get a home, thanks to the help of several non-profit organizations. On a larger scale, it also addressed other topics, such as family, support, care, work, love and loneliness.

The two main things to remember about this documentary :

– We were not created to be alone.
– We all need to be acknowledged and respected.

Hope in MindResources for mental illness sufferers and their families



Dear readers, this website is meant to help all the people whose lives are affected by mental illness find information and resources. I do not suffer from mental illness myself, but I have a loved one who does, which is why mental illness is an important part of my life. Please feel free to comment and share your stories. I'd love to know you better ! Thank you for being here and for your support. Johanna

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