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About us – Our story

Dear readers,

cropped-him-7Here is my story. I am a friend, girlfriend and soon-to-be family member of a person who has struggled with mental illness for over 7 years : my fiancé, John L, co-author of this website.My name is Johanna and I created this website to help people whose lives are affected by mental illness, whether it be sufferers, family, friends, colleagues,… This website’s goal is to provide information and resources for all the people who are in such a situation.

I met him in college, 5 years ago. He was studying Psychology and I was studying Business Administration. It is through him and his situation that I first encountered mental illness.

When I met him, he was suffering from co-occuring disorders (he was displaying symptoms of depression and anxiety). I, on the other hand, had never heard anything about mental illness, other than the stigmatized speech we can hear in the media sometimes.

However, the closer we got, the more I felt like I needed to understand him – and consequently, to understand his mental state and the illnesses he was struggling with. I started reading more and more books on the topic, and I joined organizations such as NAMI (the National Alliance on Mental Illness) in order to get information and learn from the experience of other people who were or had been confronted with a similar situation.

Soon, I will become his wife. I am so proud of him and of our relationship. Now, mental illness has become my fight, too. Not in the same way as it is for him, since I am lucky enough to be mentally healthy. Yet, my professional aspirations changed and I started studying Psychology myself. I volunteer to help organizations like NAMI inform and help people who are struggling with mental illness. And I started this website, to share what I learn and the resources that might be useful in this fight.

Eventually, my goal would be to create a platform of information and resources for all the main mental disorders.

Thank you all for visiting this blog and for your support.


Johanna L.